West Point Rocked with Rape Allegations

Cadet claims she was raped and forced to leave school.


The only headlines anyone expected to see about West Point today was whether or not they could win two in a row in their annual season-ending game against the Naval Academy.

Instead of a football update, though, the country has been told a tale of a former cadet who claims she was raped by West Point’s star QB, Ahmad Bradshaw.

The cadet, Madeline Lewis, had West Point in her blood, as her grandfather had also attended the Point.

Lewis entered the Point in 2014, but was hurt during basic training exercises.

Bradshaw was reportedly best friends with her roommate and was in their room when Lewis returned from the shower one evening.

On that night, Lewis alleges that Bradshaw raped her, which he of course denies.

“I kick myself now for not just leaving after I got hurt,” Lewis stated. “But I wanted to be there.”

After reporting the rape, Lewis claims she was both ridiculed and ostracized.

She continued, “If you can think of someone holding a vial of poison, and handing it off to another person because no one wanted to touch it, that’s how I was treated.”

An investigation was conducted after Lewis filed her report, but the officer heading the investigation, Major Damon M. Torres, came to the conclusion the Lewis and Bradshaw had a consensual sexual relationship.

A second investigation was later launched, with the Army Criminal Investigation Division and Staff Judge Advocate ruling there was “insufficient evidence to charge Bradshaw with sexual assault.”

While he was not charged with sexual assault, Bradshaw was charged with “improper use of government facilities by way of sexual activity, which includes, but it not limited to: kissing, hand holding, and fondling.”

Lewis was also punished with isolated detention, but that was the least of her worries.

Her fellow cadets called her “the whore of the corps,” pointing to other relationships Lewis admittedly had with several other cadets.

After Lewis made her story public with The Daily Beast this week, West Point released the following statement:

“The Army takes all allegations of sexual assault seriously, and every allegation of sexual assault is thoroughly investigated.

The Army and The U.S. Military Academy are aware that sexual assault allegations from a single incident were made against Cadet Bradshaw in 2014 and that the allegations were thoroughly investigated by the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command.

The investigation concluded that the allegations against Cadet Bradshaw were unfounded and the case was closed.”

In addition to these allegations, Bradshaw was accused of cheating in 2016, but continued to play on the team and started today’s game against Navy.

At the same time, 56 other cadets were separated from West Point, 28 of which were found guilty of similar violations to Bradshaw’s.

While the Cadet Honor Committee was deciding on his case, and they would eventually find him guilty, his tactical officer entered a note into his file:

“Cadet Bradshaw struggled with grades, but always attends the football study session and strives to help his peers within the company, militarily. His military performance has improved this term, and he is doing well in the company. Pending the results of the honor investigation, I would recommend retain.”

So, it would appear that grades and honor mean nothing at West Point if you are the star QB for the team.

While only Bradshaw and Lewis will ever truly know what happened that night, it is quite clear from what we have been able to find out that the standard rules did and do not apply to Bradshaw simply because he is a good player on the gridiron.

We can only hope the school’s lax discipline with him during his educational years does not cost a soldier his or her life when Bradshaw exchanges the gridiron for a battlefield after he gets his commission.

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