Trump Historic Meeting Barely Makes Headlines

President’s announcement virtually ignored by liberal media.


When the announcement about the Trump meeting with Kim Jong-un in May was first made, I was very curious how it would play out in the media.

As expected, other than conservative news outlets, the unprecedented and historic meeting announcement went largely ignored.

While the details of the meeting are far from set, as it proposes a logistical nightmare for both sides as far as security is concerned, one would think this would be blowing up all over the major news outlets.

A look at CNN’s front-page touts how Stormy Daniels is cashing in on her newfound popularity in the mainstream over the alleged affair with Trump.

Bannon is number two on the front page, telling people to wear “racism” as a badge of honor.

MSNBC is saying the Trump administration is looking for a “clean reset” and continues to hammer the Russia probe.

Not only is the mainstream media not covering major events such as this, but they continue to tilt every story involving Trump to the negative side.

For instance, while Sweden’s Prime Minister was meeting with Trump, the President once again pointed to his earlier comments about the problem Sweden is having with immigration, which have been proven true. NBC turned the story around to “Trump claims vindication for baffling Sweden terror comments last year.”

Mind you, The New York Times had just recently published an article about the problems in Sweden, specifically citing the violence in immigrant neighborhoods. When a conservative journalist asked a question about that article, NPR hammered the journalist, stating, “The Daily Caller question asker just basically asked if the Swedish PM wants to apologize to Trump on immigration.”

His comments were not baffling. Sweden was and his having a horrible problem within its immigrant communities and the country’s leadership and the media were largely ignoring it to take shots at Trump.

For the record, the question asked was, “Mr. Prime Minister, last year, you criticized the president for drawing a link between immigrant crime and the recent arrivals of refugees. This week, one of our own flagship papers, The New York Times, actually profiled a link between hand grenade violence and immigrant gang violence in your country. Do you stand by your criticism the President?”

I don’t see anything mentioned about an apology in that question. He merely wanted to know if the PM stood by his criticism of Trump or if that stance had been rethought, considering article in the Times.

I think the question everyone should be asking is why The New York Times did not ask that question themselves?

It just goes to show the mainstream media will do anything and everything it can to put a negative spin on all things Trump.

If and when the Trump administration pulls off this meeting, it is going to be very interesting to see how the media, other than conservative networks, cover the event, especially if they are able to come to some agreement that ends the nuclear threat on the Korean peninsula.

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