Trump Adviser Makes Plea

Former Trump campaign adviser makes plea in Mueller investigation.


Just when you though it was all over…

The political world is blowing up after word of an expected guilty plea for conspiracy and making false statements to law enforcement from former Trump campaign adviser Rick Gates later today.

Expect the Dems to run with this the moment his plea is official and to start cooking up more theories about how Trump is tied into all of this.

His expected plea already has the pundits predicting the plea shows that he has made some type of deal with the Mueller investigation team and is more than likely expected to become a cooperating witness.

Assuming the plea goes through, Gates would now be the fifth Trump associate making a guilty plea since this probe has started.

It is also important to note that Gates is making his expected plea one day after a Virginia grand jury returned a 32-count indictment against he and Manafort for bank fraud and tax evasion.

This was in fact the second round of charges levied against Gates and Manafort.

The significant of this plea is that Gates had initially pleaded not guilty, but seems to be cracking under the threat of facing more than a dozen years in jail, and that is just from the first indictment handed down in October.

The October 12-count indictment accused both Manafort and Gates of money laundering and acting as an unregistered foreign agents for a pro-Russian Ukrainian group.

I am honestly not sure how this will or will not impact the President, but you can bet the Democrats will use this plea to throw more guilty accusations his way.

But, so far, every indictment that has come through is actually tied into Gates’ and Manafort’s business dealings, not the actual election.

While most Trump supporters were hoping this investigation would be wrapped up soon, it now looks as though Mueller is far from bringing it to its conclusion.

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