Top Republicans Send Warning to Trump

Some key Republicans have some advice for President Trump.


After Andrew McCabe was fired, the liberal media made sure they started the rumor that Mueller would be next.

As more and more pundits see his firing as a gateway to firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller, some key Republicans chimed in to offer some unsolicited advice to the President.

Senator Graham made no bones about where he stands on a Mueller firing, stating, “If he [Trump] tried to do that, that would be the beginning of the end of his presidency.”

He also recommended a public hearing be held on the firing of McCabe, stating, “I think we owe it to the average American to have a hearing in the Judiciary Committee where Mr. Sessions, Attorney General Sessions, comes forwards with whatever documentation he has the firing, and give McCabe a chance to defend himself.”

Senator Jeff Flake actually threatened the President, stating, “I mean, talking to my colleagues all along it was, you know, once he goes after Mueller, then we’ll take action.”

Senator Trey Gowdy was more upset about the public attacks on the Mueller investigation than he was the actual firing of McCabe, though, stating, “I think the President’s attorney frankly does him a disservice when he says that, and when he frames the investigation that way.”

He defended McCabe’s firing, stating, “The FBI is who recommended that he be fired. It wasn’t crazy House Republicans, and it wasn’t the Trump administration. It was his own fellow bureau agents.”

Senator Rand Paul more or less sidestepped the question but hinted that he would warn against a firing. Instead, he commented on how he actually does not like special prosecutors, stating, “I think they have too much power and too much power to go far afield of the question.”

Senator Rubio did not approve of the McCabe firing and thought he should have kept his job to reach his pension and live out his golden years on the American taxpayers.

Senator Lankford disagreed that Trump is moving towards firing Mueller, stating, “I don’t see the President firing him. I think the White House has said 10 times, maybe more, that they’re not going to fire Robert Mueller, they want him to be able to finish the investigation.”

Now, keep in mind, all of this speculation is nothing more than media speculation, as Trump has never said he is going to fire Mueller, much like Lankford has pointed out.

Trump has to realize that firing Mueller would be a monumental mistake and I simply don’t see him doing that.

Whether he likes it or not, he has to let Mueller continue until the investigation is wrapped up on its own. Otherwise, it looks like Trump has something to hide.

However, I also think Sessions needs to get him back on point. If he has yet to uncover any ties to the Russians or any collusion, this investigation needs to be wrapped up. Mueller cannot simply be allowed to continue this investigation down any path he likes, as that is not why it was convened in the first place.

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