Texas Bomber Strikes Again

Does Texas have a serial bomber?


Texas has been yet again struck with another bombing, this time near San Antonio.

Early Tuesday morning, a FedEx worker was injured when a bomb went off at a Schertz, Texas sorting center.

San Antonio Chief of Police, Bill McManus believes this is one just one of several packages meant to do harm.

McManus stated, “There was one other package that we believe was loaded with an explosive device.”

That package had been removed from the facility and police were “working on it” for more clues as well as to obviously disarm the device.

FedEx has been very cooperative with authorities and turned over “extensive evidence related to these packages and the individual that shipped them collected from our advanced technology security systems.”

At the same time this bombing was taking place, the Austin police department had been called regarding suspicious packages at another FedEx facility near the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

This was just one of more than 1,000 tips that have come in since the first bombing in Austin on March 12.

In all, there have been a total of four Austin bombings, making it five successful bombings so far in Texas.

The FBI does think there is enough evidence to link the four Austin bombings, via FBI spokesperson Michelle Lee.

However, FBI special agent James Smith said it is far too early in the Schertz bombing to know if this additional bombing was related to the Austin bombings.

But, since this bomb was reportedly mailed from Austin and addressed to an Austin address, it seems likely they are from the same bomber.

President Trump was made aware of the bombing and said it was an “absolutely disgraceful” act and that “We have to find them really immediately.”

If this is the same bomber, he or she seems to be evolving.

The earlier bombings in Austin were not delivered by mail, so this would be a completely different methodology than those bombs.

While I am not a profiler by any means, to me that would suggest the bomber is either changing course so as not to be detected dropping off a bomb, as people are more naturally alert to someone placing a package, or it is a completely different person or persons piggybacking off the terror created by the Austin bombings.

Law enforcement is currently exploring all angles, including if these bombing are racially motivated, since three of them went off in minority communities.

That particular angle would seem to have been debunked, though, with the fourth bomb going off and hurting two white men.

The fourth bombing also used a different trigger device, making use of a tripwire rather than just dropping a parcel bomb at a location (leading police to believe very specific individuals were targeted with those bombs).

Again, though, is this the bomber just throwing police off the scent or is there no rhyme or reason as to how he or she chooses targets.

While law enforcement has yet to officially classify these attacks as domestic terrorism, I don’t know how they could consider it anything else.

In the meantime, we would ask our readers to pay particular attention to packages being left in the neighborhood, be they from a delivery service or just dropped at a location.

If you did not order something, be very careful and if you are suspicious, by all means play it safe and call authorities to check it out rather than risk injury or worse.

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