Senator Cruz Issues Warning to GOP

Texas Senator issues warning that needs to be heeded.


If anyone thought the battle to take our country back was over the second we voted in Donald Trump as president, they are sadly mistaken.

The battle has only just begun and recent revelations only make the task of draining the swamp and getting rid of the dead weight in Washington so very important.

Addressing this very issue, Senator Cruz told Texas Republicans, “Let me tell you right now: The left is going to show up. They will crawl over broken glass in November to vote.”

He further stated, “It’s true, my Democratic opponent is raising a lot of money. We’re not going to take it for granted. That’s a manifestation of the energy on the extreme left.”

The opponent to which Cruz is referring is Rep. Beto O’Rourke.

O’Rourke has a very deep war chest and is refusing to take money from political action committees.

Senator Cruz’s challenger may have the war chest, but Cruz is not exactly a slouch in the fund-raising department and Cruz’s ground game is about as good as it gets in modern day politics.

Cruz’s warning should not only be heeded here in Texas, but also across the country.

While Texas is a notoriously red state when it comes election time, there are a lot of “blue” voters out there that simply never make it to the voting booth.

One need only look at the infestation of sanctuary cities in Texas to know there are enough liberals in this state to make an impact if they so choose.

Now that Trump is starting to finally get some conservative legislation passed, Democrats are going to do just about anything they can to unseat any Republicans up for election. If they are successful, we can fully expect another push for Trump’s impeachment.

The President is having problems getting this legislation passed even with a majority in the House and Senate, so one can only imagine the troubles he will face if the Democrats get the numbers.

Listen to Cruz my fellow conservatives, because he speaks the truth. We can expect left organizations to do everything possible to get their voters out during this election, so make sure we do the same.

There is no room for comfort this time around… far too much is at stake.

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