Senator Cruz Calls Out Hollywood Hypocrites

Cruz does not hold back about stars hypocrisy over gun control.


With more and more Hollywood stars jumping on the gun control bandwagon, Senator Cruz decided to put them back in check.

Cruz did not call out Hollywood over the violence in its movies, although he did say he would like to see less of it, but rather the stars who say one thing and act in a completely different manner.

The Senator stated, “But the truth of the matter is when Hollywood celebrities engage on issues like this, they’re almost inevitably reflecting enormous hypocrisy.”

He continued, “Because a lot of these movie stars, they have armed security traveling with them, so they’re perfectly happy to say, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah. My armed security, he can keep me safe, but don’t let a law-abiding citizen.’”

Then he really hit home, stating, “The Second Amendment is about a single mom living in a tough neighborhood with a crack house down the street being able to defend herself and defend her kids.”

Cruz was also quick to point out how the Sutherland Springs shooting was stopped short specifically from a licensed gun owner jumping into action with an AR-15.

Senator Cruz stated, “It was the Second Amendment that saved a lot of lives that day. Law enforcement lives and innocent men, women, and children. The Second Amendment is about people protecting themselves.”

Today’s Hollywood celebrities mimic many of our politicians these days, in that they preach about something they themselves are part of.

Nancy Pelosi recently soapboxed about income inequality, yet she is worth a reported $100 million.

When it comes to gun control and global warning, celebrities preach to anyone that will listen, yet they contribute to the very problem they are lecturing everyone about.

“Hollywood liberals on gun control is akin to Hollywood liberals on global warming. Which is they fly their private jets to a conference, step out and say, ‘Global warming is terrible, Let’s take away everything from working mean and women.’ And then they get back on their private jet and fly back,” Cruz stated.

He continued, “Same thing on gun control. If you have a bevy of armed security officers protecting you, maybe you shouldn’t be trying to strip Second Amendment rights from law-abiding citizens.”

Celebrities are dangerous people because of the volume of their voice. People idolize these individuals that play make-believe for a living and are paid enormous amounts of money to do so. And, like many of our politicians, they are simply not affected by the social issues they constantly lecture people about.

They live in gated communities, have armed guards, have a protective bubble around them at all times, yet they want to tell the average Joe what is good and bad for him in his life.

Does anyone see just how ridiculous this really is?

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