NY MTA Outlaws Two Words on Subway Trains

Metropolitan Transportation Authority takes PC to the next level.


In this all-accommodating age, the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is truly taking political correctness to an unprecedented level.

For fear of offending anyone, the MTA will no longer use the terms “ladies and gentlemen” when warning riders the doors on the trains are about to close or making announcements.

Rather than use these traditionally accepted “gendered” words, the MTA will now use gender-neutral terms such as riders, passengers, and everyone.

The policy was reportedly introduced to the staff of the MTA this week and is in effect immediately.

MTA spokesman Jon Weinstein told the local news outlet, “We’re fundamentally changing the way we talk with riders to give them better and clearer information.”

All previously recorded messages the MTA uses to make announcements are in the process of being changed to reflect the new policy.

The MTA is touting this as one of many of the new changes it is making to become more rider-friendly.

For example, they are now allowing conductors a bit more freedom when they make announcements to personalize them. I guess that is fine as long as they don’t use gender specific terms.

I am all for a new MTA app to provide quicker updates for track information as well as departures and arrivals, and think the idea of allowing conductors to add a little personal flare to their announcements is great, but banning “ladies and gentlemen” is just pure insanity.

Once again, liberals go that extra mile to ensure they do not offend anyone by actually calling them by their correct, God-given gender.

I can only imagine an employee hearing with the MTA trying to explain to a judge they fired a conductor for calling a group of women “ladies” or a group of men “gentlemen” because those words are now deemed offensive.

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