Mavs Dominated in Second Half, Lost to Hawks 112-107

Mavs fall to one of the worst teams in the league.


There are not many teams these days the Mavericks should beat, but the Hawks are one of them.

Yet, they could still not muster up enough to put it together for four quarters against a team that has actually won fewer games than they had to this point.

Last night, it was Dennis Schroder that schooled the Mavs, equaling a career high with 33 points, with 27 of those points coming in the second half when the Hawks just absolutely lit up the Mavericks.

Schroder also took a shot at Mavericks legend, Dirk Nowitzki after the game.

He stated, “Yeah, that (early) layup might be the reason that I started going, and I was just aggressive and attacked Nowitzki and their big guards.”

“Nowitzki is kind of slow now, getting older, and that works for me to be aggressive. If help comes, just look (to pass) in the corners,” Schroder added.

It is a slap in the face to Nowitzki, but it is also something I have stated here numerous times. It is almost getting painful to watch Nowitzki play at this level knowing how great he was.

Captain Obvious provided some insight after the game, stating, “We didn’t have an answer for Schroder. He beat us on drives. He beat us on pick-and-rolls. He beat us on traps. He had a great game, particularly in the second half.”

Keep in mind, this is a player with a career 12.2 scoring average and one that is scoring 19.8ppg this season.

In other words, we are not talking about the next coming of Lebron or Coby, but an average player that Carlisle simply could not figure out.

Game Notes

Nowitzki had 18 points and six rebounds.

Barnes got back on track, scoring 22 points and pulling down four rebounds.

Up Next

The Mavericks (9-25) are off until Tuesday when they play Toronto (23-8) at home. The Raptors have been very good on the road, 11-7, so this is likely to be another long night for the Mavericks.