Liberal Comedian Gets Bashed After Blasting Sanders and Graham

Comedian gives an all new meaning to low class.


President Trump calls someone sneaky and all hell reigns down on him.

Chelsea Handler, and over the top liberal comedian, retweeted a video depicting Sarah Sanders as being overweight and looking like a man and asks Senator Lindsey Graham if he is committing fellatio and liberals toss their heads back and laugh.

While the liberal world thinks this is all very funny, Chandler is coming under fire from Americans with common sense, as she continued to get ripped on social media over both incidents.

One commenter told her, “Keep being a voice for the Democrats while you use homosexuality as an insult.”

Another Twitter user stated, “You are attacking him and claiming that he’s gay and that he is ashamed so what is why he is being nice to Trump?”

When I see comments such as Handler’s I always like to put the shoe on the other foot to see what type of outrage would have happened.

Had any well-known conservative used homosexuality as an insult, we all know it would have made major headlines and would have probably cost that individual their job or future bookings if they were a star or a comedian.

Imagine someone like Tomi Lahren making fat jokes about a Democrat in office and the hell that would reign down on her for doing so.

If you remember, she merely called Beyonce’s integrity into question when she did her Black Panther salute during a halftime show and her life was literally being threatened by people.

Any liberal with integrity should immediately come out against Chandler for making these comments.

This is not about being thin-skinned or hurt feelings, either. This is simply about not being a hypocrite and calling out one of your own for literally attacking the people she is supposed to be standing up for — women and gays.

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