Judge Napolitano Shock Announcement About McCabe Firing

I can’t believe he said it…


In most cases, we can expect a very reasoned voice from Judge Napolitano, but not today.

While making an appearance on Fox News, Judge Napolitano said he thinks the McCabe firing could be considered “an obstruction of justice.”

He further called the firing “vindictive and reckless.”

Judge Napolitano thinks his firing was meant to hurt McCabe’s testimony if and when he is called by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

First and foremost, Trump did not call for the firing of McCabe.

That recommendation was made by career officials in the FBI.

That point has been made time and time again, most recently by Trey Gowdy during appearances on multiple media outlets.

Even more bothersome than Napolitano saying the President could be guilty of obstruction of Justice is his opinion of how much longer he thinks this investigation will go on.

According to Judge Napolitano, Mueller’s probe will go on into 2019, much longer than anyone ever thought.

Considering Trump’s own lawyers told the President this investigation would be wrapped up before he ever took office, it is a safe assumption Trump will be livid if we have at least nine more months of this to deal with.

As was stated in a recent article, Sessions needs to put the hammer down on Mueller and reign him back in.

He has taken the boundaries of the initial investigation and expanded them tenfold.

If he does find something else that needs to be explored, it should be done so by another investigative team.

Mueller was tasked with finding collusion between Trump and the Russians and if he cannot find evidence of that, let’s put this puppy to bed!

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