Jeff Flake Rips Trump

What is Flake up to?


Senator Jeff Flake is on his way out the door, saying he will retire at the end of his term because he does not like the direction or policies of this administration.

But, it would appear as though Flake has something much larger in mind after he steps away from his Senate seat.

Flake had several derogatory comments about Trump, calling him “erratic” and saying the current administration has “poisonous politics.”

He further stated, “As a political movement, we’ve been out of our minds lately. It’s like an invasion of the body snatchers. What have we done with all the conservatives?”

Flake went on to call himself a “rare breed, an American conservative” as well as saying he was “Americanus Nevertrumpus.”

I believe he was trying to be funny, but the joke went over with most Trump supporters like a led balloon.

While Flake said he initially never had any plans to run for president, he said he is now not going to take the option off the table for 2020.

If you think Flake is a joke and is not dangerous to conservatives and the Republican party, think again.

Let’s just imagine Flake decides to announce his candidacy and a movement to support him starts to swell.

Let’s further imagine he is able to win the primary against the incumbent, something that is virtually unheard of in either party.

If, and I do realize that is a big if, that were to happen, Democrats would in essence have two candidates running for president.

In other words, true conservatives would be doomed, at least conservatives that hold immigration near and dear to their heart.

Flake has openly supported DACA and his stance on immigration is right in line with what the Democrats want to have happen.

Mr. Flake is setting the table for what appears to be a presidential run, no matter what he says. He is putting his feet in the water to see if it is warm before he decides to dive in.

Yesterday, I stressed to everyone in my article as well as on Facebook, it is time to hold this administration and President Trump accountable because if we continue to accept excuses for promised made but not kept, Trump will be a one-term president.

All of those voters that were energized to come out and vote for him are starting to lose interest again and without those votes, Trump has no chance come 2020.

This all starts with you, the most ardent Trump supporter. You need to hold your president accountable and stop accepting excuses for why things are not being done.

We cannot blame failures on a cabinet when Trump chose his cabinet. We cannot blame the failures on the establishment politicians when Trump himself is supporting these establishment candidates in mid-term elections rather than back outsider candidates specifically running to help him.

We are well over a year into this administration and we have barely broken the seal on promises made.

Ask yourself…

Why are we still paying high insurance premiums?

Why are veterans still waiting forever for medical care?

Why have we not seen any progress on the wall?

Why is DACA still in existence?

Where is the immigration reform that was promised?

How come Hillary Clinton has still not been brought to justice or even investigated?

Why is government spending still completely out of control?

Why are cabinet members spending ridiculous amounts of money on furnishings and travel?

And don’t give me excuses… I want actual answers.

It does not make you a bad conservative to call out our elected representatives, including Trump, for the lack of action so far during this administration. It makes you an educated, informed American that holds his or her elected representatives accountable for their actions, which is exactly what we are supposed to do.

Remember when I said a dam break starts with a trickle of water through a crack? Well, Flake is that trickle of water and now it is up to us to close up that crack.

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