Gov. Abbott Urgent Message to Conservatives

Texas governor seriously worried…


Mid-term elections will be here before we know it and Texas Governor Greg Abbott seems more than just a bit worried how these elections are going to pan out.

The governor sent out a fundraising email on Monday telling everyone that the early voting figures in Texas should “shock every conservative to their core.”

Texas has always been a bit of an aberration when it comes to elections.

While the state is packed with liberals, many of them do not vote in the governor or national political races.

If you look throughout the state, the amount of Democrat mayors should be a red flag to conservatives that even though Texas traditionally votes red in the presidential election, it could change if there is a groundswell movement by liberals.

According to the Abbott mailer, that time seems to have finally arrived.

“We’ve seen a surge of liberal enthusiasm in deep red states like Georgia, Alabama, and Oklahoma. We had always hoped the liberal wave would never hit Texas, but these Early Voting returns aren’t encouraging so far,” Abbott stated.

So far, Democrats are dominating early voting numbers, with 151,000 Dems turning out to 135,000 Republicans.

While the diehard Trump fans support him no matter what, not all conservatives are wearing blinders.

Some of the things he does and says are wearing them down to the point they are tired of the circus.

This administration has come a long way in that regard, but there are still moments that destroy every bit of progress made.

The good news for Trump is that he has made some significant progress for conservatives since taking over as president.

Unfortunately, though, he just cannot stay out of the headlines due to foolish statements, such as the one he made yesterday about rushing into the building.

As predicted, virtually every liberal-oriented publication did an article today documenting how Trump acting when presented with any form of danger, and obviously it is not flattering.

Someone, anyone, needs to keep him focused or this early surge by Democrats will carry through not only into the mid-term elections, but also into the presidential election in 2020.

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