Gingrich Issues Stern Warning to President Trump

Newt thinks he sees the writing on the wall.


While many, including myself, are writing off Pennsylvania as a blip on the screen, Newt Gingrich thinks it is a sign of the future and something that needs to be addressed right now.

In an op-ed for Fox News, Gingrich warned, “Under Speaker Pelosi, there would be two years of investigations, fights over spending (to reduce defense and increase liberal dependency programs), efforts to undo President Trump’s deregulation achievements, and attempts to make new bureaucracies.”

Gingrich went on to say there is still time to fix the problem, but Republicans need to address this problem immediately or risk losing control during the upcoming mid-term elections.

Of major concern to Gingrich is the fact the tax cut message has not been more effective.

One clear message from the Democrat candidate in the PA race was the repealing of the tax cuts, so this is definitely something to be concerned about.

Gingrich also pointed out that money spent in the state was not even a factor. Republicans far outspent the Democrats, yet they had the better turnout.

One thing Republicans cannot afford is for a political “wave” to form.

The former Speaker points to several elections throughout history that enabled Democrats to take charge and win not only the presidency, but also Congress.

The message the Republicans are trying to send is not getting out, and this means they need a much better ground game to go after voters that are leaning towards the Democrats in the upcoming elections.

This means getting face time with small business owners and minority voters that have benefitted from the recent tax breaks.

His final point is that it is time for Trump to take some blame in this. We don’t expect him to publicly admit this, because his hubris will not permit that, but he needs to start looking internally and figuring out how this administration is failing to deliver on some of the promises he made that would be done within the first year.

You cannot consistently blame other people for what is not happening. It sounds childish and it wears very thin after a while. Republicans are in charge of both the Senate and Congress right now, and they need to assert themselves.

All of this internal fighting is doing nothing more than giving the Democrats an edge in the upcoming elections.

The moment Republicans lose control of Congress and the Senate, this presidency is over.

Newt is very much on point that the rest of his term will be filled with investigations and charges. There will be no time to actually run the country because Trump will be too busy defending himself against the Democrat accusations and a possible impeachment.

Hardcore Trump supporters are going to brush this off as bullshit, but they need to wake up. Trump is not a shoe-in for the next election unless we somehow can get the momentum really rolling towards accomplishing a conservative agenda.

His supporters can continue to point the finger at John McCain and Jeff Flake and make funny memes, but that is not going to energize voters to come out again and it surely is not going to turn anyone on the fence into a vote for Trump and other Republicans.

All the work that has been done over the last two years to get Trump into office will have been for nothing if Democrats are able to win these mid-term elections.

I have to admit, Newt is right. Ignoring what happened in Pennsylvania would be a monumental mistake. After all, a dam break starts with just a trickle of water through a crack. Pennsylvania was the crack and we need more than a finger to stop this leak.

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