Failed Olympian Takes Cheap Shot at Ivanka Trump

Outspoken Olympian has some choice words for First Daughter Ivanka Trump.


Ivanka Trump headed to South Korea to lead the Presidential Delegation for the closing ceremonies and apparently that is not sitting well with at least one “notable” athlete.

Gus Kenworthy, who failed to land a single run in the slopestyle skiing final, took several shots at Ivanka when he found out she would be leading the delegation.

His first tweet stated her appearance would be “Russia’s biggest win since the 2016 US Presidential election!”

He followed that up with an even more insulting tweet…

So, before I rip Kenworthy over this, let me set the table.

Michelle Obama led the Presidential Delegation at the 2012 Olympics, and not a single word was uttered.

She was the First Lady at the time and doing so is something that is expected of the First Lady or a ranking member of the cabinet and/or First Family.

Surely you have seen the younger Royals attending such events as the representative for the Crown, and again, nothing is ever said.

Kenworthy said he came “out” because he wanted to better focus on his event and believed not hiding who he truly was would help him improve on his silver medal performance during his last Olympics.

Yet, the first thing he did was cause a ruckus saying he would refuse to go to the White House for the medal ceremony and would not shake Mike Pence’s hand for a stance he believed Pence to have taken regarding homosexuality.

That, at least to me, is getting in the news for something other than your skiing rather than concentrating on your event. He and fellow “outed” Olympian Adam Rippon continued to take jabs at Pence the entire time he was in South Korea.

At one point, Pence offered an olive branch to sit down and have a discussion with Kenworthy to clear the air, but Kenworthy refused.

Now let’s get to their performances.

Rippon was celebrated in the media as making this Olympics “his own” with a courageous performance, yet his difficulty level was so low that even skating clean, he was never a threat for any medal.

Point being, as far as figure skating goes, he is average at best.

After Rippon’s performance, the media gushed over him so much that NBC offered him a job. The public backslash over him getting the offer was so significant, it was decided it would be best not to bring him aboard.

You see, the public consensus was that NBC was offering him the job not based on his performance at the Olympics, as he was the lowest ranking male on the team, but rather because he was gay and did not like Pence.

When Kenworthy’s time to shine arrived, he qualified seventh, right in the middle of the pack. During the finals, Kenworthy failed to land a single run, finishing dead last in the event.

Even after completely failing, the media continued to celebrate him for one simple fact… he is gay.

Furthermore, Kenworthy continued to send jabs at Pence and then, as you now know, Ivanka Trump, a young lady that has done nothing but show support for these athletes and someone that has never had a negative thing to say about anyone.

Kenworthy is coward, period. Had any athlete dared say what he said about Pence and Ivanka about the Obama’s, there would have been all hell to pay. Instead, he is grabbing headlines and being celebrated by the liberal media.

Most people could care less about Kenworthy being gay. They wanted him to win because he was supposed to be representing the best of America.

Instead, he fell short not only as an athlete, but also as a human being.

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