ESPN’s Jemele Hill Calls Trump a White Supremacist, No Discipline

ESPN lets Hill off the hook for calling Trump a white supremacist.


Normally, when we have a seen a pundit say something disgusting or horrific about a president, that person is either terminated or forced to issue an apology.

In the case of Jemele Hill, neither of those happened after she tweeted out, “Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists.”

She followed that up with several other tweets, which we have posted below…

Rather than discipline her in any fashion, ESPN more or less made her take a five-minute timeout in the corner and the network offered a backhanded apology of its own…

She makes these claims with nothing to back them up.

She does this because her network, along with dozens of others, is pissed off that Hillary Clinton did not win the election and Colin Kaepernick can’t find a starting job in the NFL.

She does this because Trump is fighting to secure our borders, borders she would like to have open and overflowing with undocumented and unchecked refugees.

She calls Trump a white supremacist, yet his businesses are packed with minorities and women in powerful management positions.

She spreads this narrative against a man who has donated tens of thousands of dollars to minority and immigration foundations over the years.

Donald Trump is a man once lauded by the likes of Jesse Jackson for his work on trying to help further minority opportunities in business.

During a 1999 event, Jesse Jackson heaped praise on Trump, stating, “I do want to express thanks to you, Donald Trump, for being with us tonight. We need your building skills, your gusto…people on Wall Street to represent diversity and we thank you for coming.”

In 1998, Donald Trump was a winner of the “Ellis Island Award,” which is given to individuals who celebrate “patriotism, tolerance, brotherhood, and diversity.”

I have given you evidence he is not a racist, and I am still waiting for the first shred of evidence that he is a racist.

I am sick and tired of people like Hill who have a powerful voice spreading these untruths without one speck of evidence to support their claim.

If ANY white announcer on ESPN had made a like claim against Obama, they would be collecting unemployment right now and we all know it.

Yet, because she is black, she gets free reign to spew this poison and anyone that challenges her is then likely considered a racist as well.

Why do you think she was not fired from ESPN? It is because she is black and the network is terrified what kind of lawsuit she will bring if they take action against her.

They do nothing to her, not even a forced apology, yet someone like Howard Cosell was raked over the coals and called a racist for calling Alvin Garrett a “little monkey,” a term he used for his own grandchildren.

Jimmy the Greek was fired for saying, “The black is a better athlete to begin with because he’s been bred to be that way. This goes back all the way to the Civil War when the slave owner would breed his big black to his big woman so that he could have a big black kid.”

Rush Limbaugh was forced to resign from ESPN after making the following comment about Donovan McNabb, a black QB for the Eagles. “I think what we’ve had here is a little social concern in the NFL. The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well. There is a little hope invested in McNabb, and he got a lot of credit for performance of this team that he didn’t deserve.”

Steve Lyons was suspended for two weeks for criticizing Shawn Green for skipping a game because of Yom Kippur, stating, “He’s not even a practicing Jew. He didn’t marry a Jewish girl. And from what I understand, he never had a bar mitzvah, which is unfortunate because he doesn’t get the money.”

In 2008, Mark Madden made an on-air comment that horrified listeners, stating, “I’m very disappointed to hear Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts is near death because of a brain tumor. I always hoped Senator Kennedy would live long enough to be assassinated.”

What makes these statements any less disgusting than what Hill tweeted out about President Trump?

The only difference I see is that Hill is black and the people mentioned above are white.

Everyone in this country preaches unity and healing, yet people like Hill are permitted to throw daggers with no repercussions. Hillary Clinton calls Trump supporters deplorables and it is just accepted.

I am sure if Hill ever reads this article, she will call me a racist too. However, I would ask her to check my twitter timeline for the amount of times I complimented her and her co-host on “His and Hers.”

I would ask her to see how many times I defended her when people attacked for a variety of reasons, and they were wrong for doing so.

I used to watch ESPN on a regular basis, with her show being one of those “must watch” shows for me because she and co-host Michael Smith (he appeared with Hill on “His and Hers” and is now her co-host on “The Six”) used to only discuss race when it was relevant, rather than force it is an issue.

That all changed when Trump became a candidate and then won the presidency. Suddenly, their informed talk turned to accusations and an agenda against Donald Trump.

In the same breath, they would applaud Hillary Clinton, a woman who once said “we need to bring them [black men] to heel” as well as calling them “super predators.”

Once their hypocrisy became evident, I boycotted their show and the half dozen other shows I used to watch on the station on a daily basis.

You want healing and unity? Then start treating everyone the same and hold everyone, not just white people, accountable for what they say and do. Until that day, people like Hill are part of the problem, not the solution.

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