Elizabeth Warren Bows Out of 2020 White House Bid Because…

Wait till you see the reason why she does not want to run.


If you followed politics at all over the last two years, you know one of the big criticisms the media had against Trump was his now infamous nickname of “Pocahontas” for Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Their near-constant feud during the primaries had everyone thinking she would be one of the favorites come 2020 to make a bid against Trump.

That will not be the case, though, as Warren is already bowing out of the race and is refusing to take a DNA test to prove her claim she has some Native American blood pumping through those veins (something she surely would be compelled to do if she actually ran for president, as she would no doubt try to make the claim of not only being the first woman president, but also the first Native American president).

During an appearance on Fox News Sunday, Warren left little open for debate, stating, “I’m not running for president.”

When she was pressed about taking a DNA test to put the entire controversy about her heritage behind everyone, she balked, stating, “It’s part of who I am, an no one’s ever going to take that away.”

Am I crazy, or did she just admit she knows she has no Native American blood in her veins?

I guess that is another gender identity thing… she thinks she is Native American, so she is.

After her claim, Warren went on to tell a wonderful, heart-wrenching story about how her father and mother faced challenges due to her mother being part Native American, but that story holds no water with the American public if she is not willing to take the DNA test.

If she honestly knew her mother was part Native American, why not take the test and put these rumors to rest as well as putting a big egg on the face of Donald Trump?

My guess is that she actually knows her claim is 100 percent not true.

And, if it is revealed that she has been lying all this time, Warrant stands to lose quite a bit.

She has pulled the minority card during elections as well as using it to land a job at Harvard, so there would definitely be a price to pay if she is found out.

Until Warren takes that test and it shows Native American blood, she is a liar, plain and simple.

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