DREAMERS Lash Out at Dems

DACA recipients calling out Democrats.


The revolt is finally happening… and it is about time.

Republicans in office have for months been telling Americans that Democrats don’t want to actually solve the DACA issue, they just want to use it in their rhetoric.

Well, and I should say, finally, Dreamers are starting to see through the smoke screen and are calling out Democrats for a lack of action in getting the immigration issue settled.

Cata Santiago, a DACA recipient who has been in this country for 12 years, stated, “They [Democrats] don’t walk their talk. We’re tired of it.”

Santiago continued, “We’re tired of believing them when they say ‘It’s the Republicans.’ They make promises when they’re in an election, and when it’s over, they’re done and don’t do anything.”

Against the wishes of his base, President Trump extended an olive branch to Democrats by offering to clear the way for triple the amount of Dreamers Obama had promised.

When the Republicans put his offer to the Democrats, they refused to debate the issue and instead shut down the government.

The Democrats claimed the offer was bogus, yet they did nothing to prove their claim or even come to the table to debate the issue at all.

While the Democrats continue to tell anyone that will listen their number one focus right now is on protecting these illegals, they actually do nothing to back up that talk.

A recent sit-in participant to expose the broken promises made by Dems, Maria Duarte, stated “The Democrats made the calculation to kick the can down the road and allow hundreds of thousands of us undocumented youth to live in uncertainty.”

She continued, “We are anxious and we are scared of being torn away from our homes and our community.”

Rather than continue to blindly support Democrats, these Dreamers are now working to expose the “Democrats’ false promises.”

There was a time when Democrats had more leverage to use to protect their cherished Dreamers, but I believe that time has passed.

Caesar Vargas, a civil rights attorney who has been focusing on immigrant issues, stated, “Democrats have no plan, and once again, Schumer, now the minority leader, is showing that protecting these immigrants…was never a priority.”

He continued, “The lack of leadership by Democrats, however, is nothing new. In 2009, they controlled the White House and Congress and still failed to bring up immigration reform for a vote.”

While most conservatives are against DACA, I think most would accept some form of agreement for those currently in the country if it meant an outright end to the program moving forward.

However, as more and more time passes and Dems continue their “all or nothing” stance without actually bringing a plan to the table, I believe that “understanding” position by conservatives will pass, if it has not already.

To put it bluntly… the Dems screwed the pooch big league!

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