Dem Candidate Robbed at Gunpoint in Chicago

Windy City crime goes very public.


Chicago, Illinois has been described by several commentators as an all-American warzone. Evidence of this recently impacted by Democratic candidate.

42-year-old Democrat Aaron Goldstein, who is currently running for the Attorney General position in the state of Illinois, was robbed at gunpoint by three men in their 20s.

A gun was used during this robbery, and it occurred during a photoshoot for Goldstein’s campaign.

All told, the robbers made off with camera equipment, cell phones, and other valuable items.

The entire ordeal took place in Albany Park, which is located in Chicago’s Northwest Side.

Goldstein wrote on Facebook about the incident, stating “Thank you all for your concern, well wishes, thoughts and prayers. My team and I are all good.”

So far, several officials close to the Goldstein campaign have said that the robbery was not politically motivated, nor was Goldstein specifically targeted.

Chicago is one of the deadliest cities in the United States, and its high gun homicide rate is one of the reasons why America’s overall crime rate has been rising since at least 2015.

By the summer of 2017, Chicago had already experienced 323 homicides, 90-percent of which were accomplished via the use of a gun.

Gun homicide in Chicago has leant many people to dub the city “Chiraq,” a nickname that compares the city to the battlefields of Iraq.

Of course, the fact that Chicago and the state of Illinois have some of the strictest gun laws in the country have not stopped any of this.

Ironically, as a Democrat, Mr. Goldstein is a member of a party that takes a softer approach to crime than their Republican counterparts.

Indeed, Chicago, which has been run by Democrats of all races for decades, is the very embodiment of urban corruption and urban violence.

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