Jerry McTexas/Editor-in-Chief
Jerry McTexas is the pen name of Gerald C. McConway, Jr., owner of Simply the Best Writing. Gerald has served as a 'ghost writer' and editor for multiple conservative political publications as well as dozens of professional blogs.
Emily received her Bachelor's from the University of Central Arkansas in Creative Writing. She joined the STBW team in 2016 and has worked with DCN Editor-in-Chief writing, editing, and promoting dozens of professional blogs as well as various political projects.
Benjamin Welton is a well-known voice in conservative circles, regularly published in The Daily Caller and The Imaginative Conservative as well as authoring "Hands Dabbled in Blood," which can be found in authors bio link.
Alex Curtis-Slep/NBA Contributing Writer
Alex considers himself an absolute basketball fanatic. In addition to covering the NBA and Dallas Mavericks for DCN, you can also find follow him on NBA Tipoff, where he has been covering basketball since the age of nine.
Dan Angell/NHL Contributing Writer
Dan Angell is a former sports writer for the Idaho State Journal and the Quad-City Times, who spent most of his journalism career covering college basketball and hockey. Those remain his favorite sports along with soccer, which he covers for various online publications.
Patrick has both a Bachelor's and Masters Degree from Texas A&M University. He is an avid Texas sports fan and you can also catch him on The Sparring Room, where he discusses the latest boxing news.
Tara Dodrill is a freelance writer for various survival and political websites, including The Inquisitr and Off the Grid News. She studied journalism at Ohio University and was the editor of a weekly Ohio newspaper. Tara has also published a book, Power Grid Down, which is available on Amazon (link in bio).