Dallas Mayor Shuns NRA to Delight of Other ‘Red’ States

NRA told to look elsewhere by Dallas mayor pro tem.


This year’s NRA convention is supposed to be in Dallas from May 4-6, but Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway would like to see them go elsewhere.

Earlier this week, Caraway made a public statement telling the NRA to find another home because “there will be marches and demonstrations” in protest of the NRA’s convention.

It did not take long for Kobach, who is running for governor in Kansas, and Governor Ricketts of Nebraska to extend an inviting hand to take Dallas’ place if the NRA does decide to move.

Kobach no doubt secured some big political points with the voters of Kansas after sending out his tweet…

Caraway’s plea was made after the school shooting in Florida, where everyone seems to be placing the blame in all the wrong spots.

Fact: The FBI was tipped off about Cruz on multiple occasions yet failed to properly investigate the tips and allowed him to go unchecked.

The FBI’s negligence was so bad in this case the agency has actually already issued a public statement that it completely dropped the ball on this investigation.

Fact: Broward County Sherriffs were called to Cruz’s home on more than three dozen occasion for disturbances involving Cruz.

Fact: A medical health professional surmised, even after these calls and knowing that Cruz had started to hurt himself and was inquiring about owning a firearm, surmised Cruz was no threat to himself or anyone else.

Fact: Sherriffs were outside the school in the early stages of the shooting and failed to enter the school to take the shooter out.

None of these facts are debatable, yet the NRA is somehow being blamed for the shooting.

This is liberal logic… and it is ridiculous.

I am just curious, after a terrorist drove a car into a crowd of people, did anyone cancel any automobile shows? Of course not, because it would not serve any political purpose to do so.

For those of you that don’t know, “pro tem” means for the time being. That “time being” will not be very long if Caraway continues to speak out of line.

For the record, the NRA says it has no plans to move its convention out of Dallas, and I would expect Caraway is right in that there will be all kinds of protests against it, but so be it.

These days, liberals are protesting the way conservatives cook their eggs, so nobody is really going to be surprised when busloads of ANTIFA members show up in masks to start some trouble.

I would ask people so see who is going to be more violent, though. The protesters or the people going to the NRA show.

Managing Director of Public Affairs for the NRA, Andrew Arulanandam, stated, “No politician anywhere can tell the NRA not to come to their city,” Arulanandam said. “We are already there. Dallas, like every American city and community, is populated by NRA members. Our members work in fire stations and police departments. They save lives in local hospitals and own businesses in communities urban and rural throughout this country.”

This, of course, does not even begin to address the financial repercussions for local businesses if the convention was lost, but that would appear to be the least of concerns for Caraway.

Caraway may have gained himself some political points with liberals in Dallas, but I can assure you that he officially lost any chance he had of getting any conservatives to get behind him.

At this point, he is nothing but another Democrat trying to grab some headlines to further his own career.

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