Civil Rights Activist Shocking Admission About Police

Nobody EVER expected him to say something like this.


Civil Rights activists around the country have made targeting police for brutality against minorities a huge priority over the years.

One of their mainstay arguments has always been that the police are killing unarmed men for no reason when they could easily subdue them rather than using deadly force.

A local law enforcement agency put one activist (Jarrett Maupin) in their shoes to prove to him it is not always as easy as they try to make it sound. The end result? “People need to comply with the orders of law enforcement officers for their own sake,” stated Maupin.

Mr. Maupin has led numerous protests about police brutality, most recently calling for an officer in Phoenix to be fired and jailed over the shooting of an unarmed man. But I have a feeling that is about to change after he went through the exercise you will see in the video below…

After going through three different scenarios, there was a death in two of them and an arrest in one of them.

When Maupin was faced with an intimidating man approaching him quickly and aggressively, he pulled the trigger and killed the man.

Of note is the fact the man was not armed, but Maupin felt threatened and made the decision to take the suspects life rather than risk his own.

This is the very same scenario many of the officers he and other civil rights activists have been hammering the police over for years, yet he chose to pull the trigger rather than find another way to solve the dilemma of the suspect approaching him aggressively.

In another scenario, Maupin lost his own life for being too passive and allowing the suspect to get his hands on a weapon and fire a shot before he could get out his own weapon.

The third scenario resulted in an arrest, but the suspect did have a weapon on him that Maupin failed to find.

Maupin was obviously shaken by the entire exercise, not realizing how quickly a scenario can change on the street resulting in the loss of life.

However, it did make him realize that no matter the crime or situation, it is important for anyone being approached by police to simply comply with their orders and let the situation play out.

If you are innocent, you will be released. If you are guilty, taking your chances in court is far more appealing than losing your life if an officer feels threatened.

Police officers deaths rarely make national headlines but the death of a criminal resisting arrests blows up into a national scandal.

That narrative needs to change and hopefully exercises like the one Maupin went through are the first step in making that happen.

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