California Catholic Schools Face Backlash After Removing Statues for Ridiculous Reason

PC gone terribly wrong.


Catholic schools are often adorned with religious statues both inside out, but apparently in today’s PC world, those statutes must now be hidden away.

The San Domenico School, a Catholic high school in San Anselmo decided to remove the statues from public view because they did not want to create an “alienating” feeling.

The Chair of the school’s Board of Trustees, Amy Skewes-Cox, stated, “If you walk on the campus and the first thing you confront is three or four statues of St. Dominic or St. Francis, it could be alienating for that other religion, and we didn’t want to further that feeling.”

The head of the school, Cecily Stock, feels much the same way due to a declining Catholic presence in the school body.

Stock stated, “Over the last few years we’ve had fewer Catholic students as part of the community and a larger number of students from various faith traditions. Right now, about 80 percent of our families do not identify as Catholic.”

The Director of Marking and Communications for the school, Kimberly Pinkson, stated, “Our goal in this shift was in alignment with our strategic plan that was approved by our Board of Trustees and Dominican Sisters of San Rafael in June of 2016 and reflects our commitment to continuing a 167-year tradition of inclusive education.”

Many of the parents and alumni of the school are understandably furious over the statues being removed and put in the basement of the school’s library.

Shannon Fitzpatrick, who has an 8-year-old son enrolled in the school, stated, “In our time here, the word ‘Catholic’ has been removed from the mission statement, sacraments were removed from the curriculum, the lower school curriculum was changed to world religions, the logo and colors were changed to be ‘less Catholic,’ and the uniform was changed to be less Catholic.”

Another mother told Fox News, “People were shocked that the statues were pitched in the basement.”

Even though the removal of the school’s statues coincided with the incident in Charlottesville, Skewes-Cox insisted it had nothing to do at all with that issue.

To most reading about this, it would seem liberals are once again taking advantage of a headline to further their own agenda.

We can make the argument that anyone enrolling their child in a Catholic high school full-well knows there are going to be Catholic classes in the curriculum and holy statues on the grounds.

If that makes them uncomfortable, then don’t enroll the students in that school.

Having gone to Catholic school and even attending a Catholic University, I had more than a few friends that were not Catholic. While we prayed, they respectfully put their heads down and said their own prayer or simply reflected.

When we attended mandatory mass, they were excused if their parents asked for them to be excused.

They were there for the education, not a religious experience, and everyone respected that. Yet, now, when Catholics go to a Catholic school, apparently their faith is something to be ashamed of rather than celebrated.

Next, I guess Notre Dame, St. Joseph’s, Villanova, and Gonzaga, just to name a few, will have to remove their religious statues or possibly even change the school name because there are students attending the university that are not Christian.

Where does all of this end? When do people finally stand up and say enough is enough or are we going to allow our history and culture to be completely eliminated right before our very eyes?

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