Big Shakeup for Trump’s Cabinet

Inevitable firing finally announced with replacement already in place.


There are two people in Trump’s cabinet that many have speculated would either quit or be replaced, and one of them has finally fallen.

President Trump announced earlier today that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson would no longer be serving this administration.

The President also announced that Mike Pompeo, the current Director of the CIA, would be his replacement.

Trump did thank Tillerson for his service in a tweet, then made news again by naming Gina Haspel as Pompeo’s replacement at the CIA…

Haspel will be the first woman to serve in that position.

Much like the Jeff Sessions saga, Tillerson and Trump have been on the outs for months after the alleged “moron” comment.

While initially a supporter of Tillerson being named to the Secretary of State position, it became quite apparent very early he was in over his head.

It was also quite apparent that he and Trump did not see eye-to-eye on how the State Department should be run as well as the actual role of the Secretary of State.

As far as Tillerson’s actual dismissal, there are some contradictory reports.

According to unnamed sources, Kelly told Tillerson on Friday and requested that Tillerson offer a resignation rather than having Trump fire him.

Sources inside of Tillerson’s State Department, however, said Tillerson did not know he was being fired until word of Trump’s tweet started to blow up on the Internet today.

That source, by the way, has also since been fired by the Trump administration, according to Fox News.

Prior to leaving for California to see prototypes for The Wall, Trump told the media, “Rex and I have been talking about this for a long time … we disagreed on things.”

Regarding his new appointment, “With Mike … we have a very similar thought process, I think it’s gonna go very well.”

I think we can expect Pompeo’s confirmation to be a long, drawn out process, but eventually should be confirmed by the Senate.

While there are probably still a couple of departures to come, Sessions and McMaster come to mind, it would appear the President finally has most of the pieces in place.

We knew there would be some bumps along the way, but there does appear to be a much smoother road in the very near distance.

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