Austin Serial Bomber… DEAD

It's over...


As the Austin bomber tried to change his methodology to throw police off, he ended up giving law enforcement more crumbs as to just who he was.

Early Wednesday morning, local police identified the bomber as Mark Anthony Conditt.

The 24-year-old man killed himself with one of his own devices in his car as police closed in on him.

Police were hoping to apprehend the suspect without confrontation, but things escalated when Conditt attempted to drive away and elude law enforcement.

Austin Police Chief Brian Manley stated, “We wanted this to come to a peaceful resolution tonight.”

He continued, “However, we were not afforded that opportunity when he started to drive away.”

Manley told reporters they had identified a “person of interest” within the last 24-36 hours and traced him to a local hotel.

Manley stated, “Last night and early this morning, we felt very confident this was the suspect in bombings throughout Austin.”

After tracking him to a motel, police waited for their tactical units to arrive, but Conditt fled, leaving local police no choice but to pursue him and take him down.

During the chase, Conditt lost control of his vehicle and drove off the road, at which point SWAT moved in.

Rather than being taken into custody, Conditt detonated at least one device, possibly two, killing himself.

Even though the suspect has been caught, authorities are warning everyone that they have no idea where Conditt has been over the last day or so and there could be more of his bomb packages out there.

Manley stated, “If you seem something that looks suspicious, see something out of place, see something that gives you concern, call 911.”

Authorities have not yet stated whether Conditt is also responsible for the bombing near San Antonio.

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