AG Sessions Ripped by President Trump

Trump goes after his AG over new appointment.


Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been walking on thin ice for some time, but his latest move just might be the last straw for Trump.

When Sessions announced Inspector General Michael Horowitz will be handling the FISA abuse investigation, Trump went off the deep end.

He immediately sent out a tweet, calling the I.G. an “Obama guy” and called the decision “DISGRACEFUL!”

Horowitz has already been dragging his feet on the actions taken by the FBI and DOJ regarding the Hillary Clinton email investigation, which no doubt had an influence on Trump’s tweet…

I understand why Sessions did what he did.

More than likely, he was thinking that by appointing Horowitz to lead the investigation, he would give the appearance of not being bias.

Unfortunately, Sessions has walked this line one too many times and it may very well just have cost him his job, which could have reverberations throughout the party and into the next presidential election.

Sessions would have been better served to appoint a special counsel to investigate the FISA case as well as making sure the team was put together that would not prove to have been politically influenced, such as the Mueller team has been accused of being.

By no means am I suggesting he put together a stacked deck, but rather a truly impartial team to investigate the case.

Trump is wrong for calling out Sessions publicly on this because it makes him look like he wanted to stack the deck and fears Horowitz will turn up something that could hurt him.

Once again, he gives the Democrats and liberals fodder to throw the focus on him and attack him for trying to hide something and influence investigations.

Mind you, I agree 100 percent with Trump, I just don’t think he needs to air the administration’s dirty laundry on Twitter.

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