2018 White House Agenda Both Hopeful and Ambitious

Trump making big promises for 2018.


President Donald Trump is looking forward to 2018, and he and his administration are planning on making 2018 better than 2017.

On Saturday, while speaking from Camp David, President Trump unveiled his administration’s ambitious plan for this year. This plan includes rebuilding the U.S. military, passing immigration reform, strengthening the U.S. border, and improving relations with North Korea. 

The plan embraces President Trump’s economic nationalism along with his commitment to improve the U.S.’s image abroad.

“We are very well prepared for the coming year. We finished strong,” President Trump told the media this weekend.

President Trump’s address also articulated his desire to work closely with GOP members in Congress. similarly, President Trump says that he is interested in promoting certain GOP candidates in the 2018 elections.

In addition, President Trump addressed the ongoing Russian probe investigations headed by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

“Everything I’ve done is 100 percent proper. That is what I do. I do things properly. … Just so you understand, there’s been no collusion. There’s been no crime,” the president said.

Interestingly, President Trump’s twenty-minute address talked quite a bit about the prospects of bi-partisan legislation in Congress.

“I hope we are going to work out our agreements with the Democrats,” Trump claimed. However, he quickly added that his administration wants a border wall with Mexico and does not want to keep DACA.

Such claims do not bode well for bi-partisan cooperation, for Democrats in the House and Senate are adamant that immigration reform must put some kind of amnesty for “dreamers” in place.

For Trump’s supporters, his promises of a border wall and no DACA amnesty are manna from Heaven.

In what was the most surprising move, President Trump noted that he hopes for a better relationship with Pyongyang and the rogue regime of Kim Jong-un. Despite the jingoistic rhetoric coming from North Korea and Washington, President Trump hoped for political de-escalation on the Korean Peninsula.

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